Belgian Data Protection Authority publishes Strategic Plan 2019 – 2025

On December 12th 2019, the Belgian Data Protection Authority (Gegevensbeschermingsautoriteit) published its Strategic Plan 2019-2025, giving insights in its main priorities for the coming years. However the plan is not final yet, it gives a profound view on which topics the Data Protection Authority will focus.

1. Priorities and focus of the Belgian DPA

By issuing its Strategic Plan 2019-2025, the Belgian Data Protection Authority informs the market and citizens abouts its priorities and main focus for the coming years. The priorities set are divided in three categories, being (1) specific industries, (2) selected GDPR related topics, and (3) certain socially relevant themes.

A. Industries

  • Telecommunication and media
  • Government
  • Direct Marketing
  • Education
  • SMEs

The Data Protection Authoritity clearly focusses on sectors which – by default – process high volumes of personal data (telecommunication and media, government, direct marketing), but also wishes to support sectors which are more vulnerable when it comes to data protection (education, SMEs).

B. GDPR related topics

  • Role of the Data Protection Officer (DPO)
  • Legitimacy of processing
  • Citizen’s rights (more specific data subject rights)

The Data Protection Authority has selected the topics above as they were subject of many questions raised and/or constitute important building blocks of the GDPR or data protection in general. It is important to highlight that besides investigating whether organizations comply with their obligations under GDPR, the Data Protection Authority will also invest in informing, clarifying and assisting businesses on these topics in case of questions or unclarities.

C. Socially relevant themes

  • Pictures and cameras
  • Data Protection online
  • Sensitive data (e.g. biometric data, medical data, …)

As technology is interfering with our daily lives, and its impact is growing each day, several social questions are becoming more and more relevant. The topics listed above are often subject of the social debate, which is why the Data Protection Authority has decided to further follow-up how organizations are complying with GDPR related to these specific themes.

2. Public consultation

Until January 7th 2020, the public is invited to submit feedback related to the Strategic Plan of our Data Protection Authority. After taking into account the input received, the Data Protection Authority will finalize its Strategic Plan before the end of January 2020 and shall publish a final version on its website. In case you want to share your thoughts with the Data Protection Authority, you can submit your feedback here.

Nathan Schryvers | Legal Counsel in ICT & Data Protection

Press Release by the Belgian Data Protection Authority: click here

Download Strategic Plan 2019-2025 (summary): click here

Download Strategic Plan 2019 – 2025 (full version): click here

Date: 15/12/2019