We not only say our approach is different. We breathe, think and act differently.

Not-a-typical-law-firm approach

Offering Managed Legal Services implies a radical different approach. Another mindset and way of working. 


Business should go first. Return On Investment is one of the key decision triggers in each project. And so it must be in legal services. As a team we find the suitable assistance for the deal you face. One million dollar deals require a different approach than a 10k project. 


We price value, not billable hours. Efficiency is key. Our pricing is radically different, tailor-made to your project and associated with the value we provide as legal experts.


We use technology to our advantage. Our Managed Legal Services include technology and software to follow-up your legal budget, digitally sign documents and to make sure your legal project is managed in time.

Managed Legal Services

Technology is changing the way we do business. Making organizations more efficient, error-free and streamlined than ever before. 

Finally technology has found its way into the legal market, disrupting the way legal service providers offer their expertise. We strongly believe legal firms should embrace technology for becoming more efficient, transparant and accessible. 

Besides using technology to our advantage, we focus on bringing added-value where software cannot replace us. Seeing the bigger picture, investing in human relations, taking into account the organization’s strategy and streamlining legal processes. That is why we will always invest in long term relationships, as this is the only partnership in which we can really make a difference and deliver impact.

Meet Nathan

Nathan is an experienced legal advisor for technology companies, offering guidance to both start- and scale-ups, as well as publicly listed corporations. His extensive experience primarily centers around companies in the fintech, healthcare, and identity and electronic signing sectors. 

Nathan takes a client-centric approach, aligning his strategies and negotiations with the culture and risk appetite of the companies he is working for. 
He previously practiced as an attorney in a boutique law firm before deciding to offer his services through a private practice, SOLIT.LEGAL.

Nathan Schryvers

Legal Advisor and Data Protection Officer

Founder of SOLIT.LEGAL


Join us!

Looking for a new opportunity and interested to join SOLIT.LEGAL as an independent legal consultant? Feel free to reach out!

We are looking for pragmatic, hands-on Senior Legal Consultants advising in IT law, Data Protection and Artificial Intelligence. We can offer you a steady and safe environment to further develop your career and client portfolio while being surrounded by domain experts.